Product Summary

Here at Bee Naturals, our 100% Natural Beeswax product range will effectively restore, protect and nourish all around the home. Our products are completely non-toxic, safe for use around your home and family. Bee Naturals polish and waxes contain absolutely no silicon wax, naphtha, turpentine neuro toxic petroleum distillates, synthetic dyes, polypropylene glycol, petroleum solvents, artificial fragrances or any other harmful chemical preservatives or toxins.

All Bee Naturals handmade beeswax polishes contain only sustainably sourced beeswax, carnauba wax, natural Vitamin E and a blend of premium natural plant oils. Bee Naturals is naturally antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antiviral and is manufactured using only 100% essential plant oils, such as Lavender, Cedarwood, Sweet Orange, Tea Tree, Lemon and Eucalyptus. Bee Naturals is 100% natural and pure, so it will not cause any serious health problems or skin irritation.

In todays modern society people are becoming more concerned about the environment and are moving away from synthetic products. Choosing Bee Naturals means you require products that are based on traditional recipes, use only pure and natural ingredients and which have been tried and tested over generations.

Every ingredient contained in our products is biodegradable, renewable and environmentally friendly.

We know that you love your home and favourite things, now love protecting, restoring and nourishing them in a natural yet effective way with Bee Naturals.

A Complete Summary Of Bee Naturals Products.

Bee Naturals Handmade Beeswax Furniture Polish.

All Bee Naturals products are solvent free. Using our polish regularly will create a beautiful and protected finish. It will restore the natural beauty and grain of the wood on neglected pieces and is perfect for those restoration projects! Regular use will bring out the patina of the wood, and give it a luxurious silky finish, combined with the gorgeous lingering smell of pure beeswax, lavender, Cedarwood or orange and lemon. Bee Naturals is perfect for reviving any distressed wood, and beeswax has traditionally been used for centuries to preserve finishes. Bee Naturals beeswax polishes naturally provide a barrier coat to protect and repel water and enliven the existing finish of your wood. There is absolutely no neurotoxic petroleum by-products, no artificial fragrances, no turpentine or mineral spirits and no solvents.  Bee Naturals Polishes are made using only unrefined beeswax, carnauba wax, pure virgin plant oils, and 100% pure essential oils of sweet orange, lemon, lavender and Cedarwood.

Bee Naturals Handmade Finisher’s Formula For Antiques & Restoration.

Bee Naturals finishers Formula is the perfect choice for restoring antique dining tables, recently sanded raw wood surfaces, or for use on antique kitchen surfaces in older homes without using any nasty and highly toxic synthetic chemicals.  We use a base of beeswax, and a higher carnauba wax content for additional shine and protection. The higher carnauba wax content will also add a natural protective barrier coating,  which will protect and nourish your treasured wooden furniture for life.

Bee Naturals Leather Polish & Conditioner With Eucalyptus & Tea Tree.

While many commercial silicone polishes may indeed give your leather a lustrous sheen making it look brand new, they do nothing to keep moisture out, or protect your leather for the long term, and inevitably chemical polishes will eventually destroy your leather. Commercial leather polish and conditioners can also contain a highly dangerous cocktail of neurotoxic chemical ingredients that will ultimately contaminate your home environment. Bee Naturals leather polish and conditioner however, when applied to leather, will penetrate deep into the leathers surface, coating each individual fibre with our balanced blend of tea tree and eucalyptus pure natural oils, feeding and conditioning the leather, making it much softer, with a luxurious soft satin finish. The beeswax  will revive older leather items that have become very hard, brittle and dried out, whilst the Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oils will help prevent the stitching from breaking down, along with the added benefit of preventing mould and mildew.

Note: Not for use on suede.
 Bee Naturals Handmade Beeswax Traditional Leather Dubbin.

Bee Naturals Handmade Traditional Leather dubbin is a 100% natural formulation which blends beeswax, beef tallow and tea tree and eucalyptus oils to waterproof,  preserve, soften and feed the leather, keeping it soft, nourished and durable. Once our leather dubbin is applied to leather, it will deeply penetrate the leathers surface, coating each individual fibre with a balanced blend of natural oils and beef tallow, resulting in the leather becoming much softer. The product will also revive older leather that has become hard, brittle and dried out.  Bee Naturals Traditional leather dubbin is easy to apply, and you could use your hands without fear of toxicity or damage to your skin.  the addition of our blend of tea tree and eucalyptus oils, inhibits mildew and mould, and prevents the leather stitching from deteriorating. Beeswax is added as a natural lubricant, and protects the leather from the ravishes of harsh elements, forming a protective beeswax barrier on the surface of the leather so it lasts longer. When it becomes wet, leather stretches, then it will become brittle, shrink and  become weak as it dries. The less water absorbed into the fibres of the leather the longer it will last and Bee naturals traditional leather dubbin will keep the moisture out and your leather protected.

Leather dubbin has traditionally been used for years by sportsman, to waterproof saddles or footwear such as football boots and riding boots, and by percussionists to preserve drum skins, and Bee Naturals Handmade Traditional Leather Dubbin will meet your requirements whatever your leather protection and waterproofing needs.

Bee Naturals Beeswax & Carnauba Wax Shoe Polish & Conditioner

Bee Naturals shoe polish is a blend of carefully selected natural plant oils, beeswax and carnauba wax. We expertly blend tea tree, lemon, orange and eucalyptus essential oils, unrefined natural beeswax, and carnauba wax to condition and protect your footwear. Both beeswax and carnauba wax act as a natural protector and waterproofing agent for your shoes or boots. Eucalyptus, orange, lemon and pure tea tree essential oils prevent mildew and mould growth, and also prevent the stitching from weakening or breaking down. Bee Naturals will leave your footwear with a wonderful shine,  without using any nasty synthetic chemicals or silicones .  Bee Naturals beeswax and carnauba wax shoe polish and conditioner will feed the leather, deeply nourishing and protecting it from within, whilst providing excellent protection against the elements.