Swarm Collection Service

Give me a call!

So if you are sure (or even unsure), that a swarm of honeybees has come to visit you, give me a call. I will come along, if you are in the South East London area, and remove the bees for you.  We do not charge for removing the swarm, we do it because we are responsible beekeepers, who do not want to see either members of the public, or honey bees harmed. I do not make a profit out of removing swarms of bees in London.

You can call me anytime on my mobile. Bee Naturals – 07951 016104.

What Should I Do If I Have A Swarm Of Honey Bees?

  • Leave the bees alone. They are just moving home, and are looking for somewhere nice to stay. If they are left alone they will generally leave you alone.
  • Keep children and pets inside and call a beekeeper (me on 07951 016 104). If I am unable to attend, I will try to find a beekeeper whom is able to assist.
  •  Do NOT do anything to anger or antagonise the bees, like poking them with a stick, smoking cigarettes near them, making lots of loud noise or getting too close.
  • Take a look at the pictures of honeybee swarms on this site to determine if you have a swarm of honeybees or whether you have wasps or bumble bees.
  • If you want to take photographs of the bees, or want to get closer to get a better view . Don’t! Wait until a beekeeper comes along to assist first!
  • Always remember that although honeybees may appear docile or placid, they have stings and will use them if they feel threatened!

Below are a few more pictures of what typical honeybee swarms will look like.

swarm1   swarm5   swarm4    swarm3 swarm2          swarm1