Frequently Asked Questions

Are All Bee Naturals Products Chemical Free?

Yes Totally. All our hand-made products are made from entirely natural beeswax and oils. We do not use any chemicals, petroleum-based products or other un-natural hazardous items in our products.

Is Making A Purchase On Your Site Secure?

Yes Absolutely!  When you make a purchase through our website, we offer you different options to complete your online payment.
Payments on our website are managed by one of the worlds best known payment providers in PayPal. This means you are able to make your purchase direct via your PayPal account, and even if you’re not registered with PayPal, you can still make your online purchase using the worlds best known online payment provider with total security.
We never receive your card details and all major cards are accepted.

Is Your Site Certified Secure?

Yes Absolutely! Look for the MacAfee symbol on the bottom right of your webpage. You can click it to open for information on our sites security, or follow the verify site link in the top right corner of the MacAfee window, to be taken to the MacAfee Trusted site page confirming our details.

Are Bee Naturals Products Available Anywhere Else?

You can purchase our products via our website store, eBay store, Amazon store and through selected household retailers.

Are Bee Naturals Products Available In Wholesale Quantities?

Yes Absolutely! We welcome enquiries for the wholesale of all Bee Naturals Products. For more information please see our Distributors Information page.

Are Bee Naturals Products Safe For Wooden Toys?

Yes! We  created Bee Naturals to be safe for use all around your home including on wooden toys. We recommend using our unscented furniture polish, or our newly developed Wooden Toy Polish. We have stripped our new Wooden Toy Polish back to the bare essential ingredients, which includes removing all essential oils and fragrances, to make our Wooden Toy Polish effective, but gentle.

(Please note! Wooden Toy Polish Available From April 2015 Approximately)

Do You Share Customer Information With Third Parties?

No Never! WE never share our customer details with any third parties, rent our customer list, share customer emails, customer address details or any other personal data. We value our customers highly and would never consider it acceptable to divulge personal information unless required to by law.