I Shed A Tear.

I Shed A Tear


At first light today, a glorious morn,

Golden sunlight, warming a summer dawn,

Against a tree, I sat upon the ground,

And immersed myself in natures sound,

Leaves that rustled high above,

The soft cooing of a single dove,

Sparrows chorus sings aloud,

Pale blue sky, not a solitary cloud.


Then as I gazed upon the floor,

There lay hundreds of insects! Maybe more,

Honey bees,butterflies, bumbles and all,

A twitching writhing dance, deaths last ball,

Poisons sprayed, an authorities crime,

To kill the aphids, on this grand old lime,

The horror engulfed me, as I glanced around,

I shed a tear to fall upon the ground!


A few years on and crops are sold,

For Higher than the price of gold,

Breakfast cereal a rare treat,

No rapeseed, apples, pears, sugar beet,

A deafening silence fills the sky,

Few birds left to be eaten or die,

War is coming, a somber song,

As nations rise to feed the throng.


In desperation, dredge the deep,

Until nothing left remains to seek,

Now only famine, war and death,

Are the legacy of what humanities left,

If Mankind could reverse the passage of time,

Would we still poison the flowers and lime,

A wasteland beckons all around,

I shed my final tear to fall upon the ground.

Paul Vagg 7/8/2016
copyright Paul Vagg