Beekeeping Course London

Bee Keeping Courses.

An Introduction to Beekeeping (£200)

Our two-day weekend course is one of the most comprehensive beginners’ beekeeping courses available on the market today. Covering  bee disease and pests, husbandry skills, siting  of apiaries, keeping bees in urban environments, components and the different types of the hives, making frames, various pieces of different beekeeping equipment, through hands on practical sessions, and PowerPoint lectures, which will include the  inspection of several nearby sets of hives, providing the weather is permitting.

Beekeeping Student

This intensive course weekend, is based on the  ‘Introduction to Beekeeping’ syllabus, from the British Beekeepers Association, but is designed with a  specific focus on keeping bees within an urban city environment. It is designed to ensure attendees are equipped with the basic skills and knowledge that they will need to keep their own bees productively and safely.

All attendees will get membership for the year of KBKA (Bromley Branch), in addition to  annual membership of the British Beekeeping Association . In addition, those who may wish to eventually keep bees of their own will be allocated to an experienced mentor for a whole bee season. This is a unique and important service, which will help to prepare you to start keeping your own bees.

Please note that we are unable to guarantee finding you a mentor in the area you reside, but we will try to do the very best we can.